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Legislative Update – May 21, 2015

Here’s Rep. Jordan’s General Assembly Newsletter for Thursday, May 21, 2015.

In this issue: ASU students visit Raleigh to learn about the inner workings of the state legislature, Juvenile Code reforms heads to the Governor’s desk to be signed into law, and Rep. Jordan speaks at the Apartment Association of North Carolina’s Education & Legislative Conference about changes in landlord-tenant laws.

Download the full newsletter Rep. Jordan’s General Assembly Update for May 21, 2015.

5-21-2015 Newsletter 5-21-2015 Newsletter

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Legislative Update – May 14, 2015

Check out Rep. Jonathan Jordan’s General Assembly Newsletter for the week!

In this issue: updates on House Bill H878 – Expand Board of Trustees at the School of Science and Mathematics; the Senate passes Juvenile Code Reform, and the House Committee on Children, Youth and Families, which Rep. Jordan serves as Chairman, passes the Custodial Parent/Party Cooperate w/Child Support bill, which requires a person with primary custody of a child receiving child care subsidy payments to cooperate with county child support services as a condition of receiving the subsidy payments.

Download it here!

5-14-2015 Newsletter

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Legislative Update – April 24, 2015

Check out Rep. Jordan’s General Assembly Newsletter for this week.

Included are updates on revisions to the Juvenile Justice Code, bills being heard that protect private property, secure against counterfeit airbags, and protect the privacy of our Law Enforcement Officers.

Legislative Update for April 24, 2015!

4-23-2015 Newsletter

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Legislative Update – April 16, 2015

Download and read Rep. Jordan’s most recent legislative update – download here!

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Campaign Commercial: How State Representative Jordan is Protecting Children, Supporting Teachers, and Cutting Taxes

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Bob Crawford of the Avett Brothers Supports State Representative Jonathan Jordan


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The Truth About Education, Unemployment, and Medicaid


  • Public education budgets have increased $1 billion from 2010-11 to 2014-15, not cut $500 million, as is being falsely stated.  $7.53 billion in 2010-11: $8.6 billion in 2014-15
  • Gov. Perdue and her party froze teacher pay in 2009; We unfroze it in 2014. Every teacher is getting a raise; Largest raises to teachers hit hardest in the freeze.
  • $321 million=largest amount for education raises in N.C. history, 7% average = one of the largest percents for teacher raises.
  • Lt. Gov. Forest set a goal to be at or above the national average for teacher pay in three years; this is year one.
  • In 2011, we inherited a $3 billion budget shortfall from Gov. Perdue and her party. We balanced the budget while cutting taxes for every N.C. family.
  • The average family of four has saved over $1200 since 2011 just on sales tax; this is everyone who buys things. EVERYONE


  • Gov. Perdue inherited a $1 billion surplus unemployment insurance.  Four years later, 2013 she left Gov. McCrory a $2.7 billion debt in unemployment insurance.
  • Our tax reform, regulatory reform and other reforms have made it easier for small businesses to hire more people; the unemployment rate has dropped from almost 10% to near 6.5% since early 2013.  This is in spite of federal policies that make it harder for small businesses.


  • Our election reforms simply brings us in line with most other states; only one other state had same day registration.
  • Over 35 states have a for of voter I.D. Georgia’s experience has shown that photo I.D. does not reduce voter turnout for minorities the elderly, etc.


  • State Medicaid costs have more than doubled since 2011.  The proposal to also expand eligibility could cost the state $5 billion, possible doubling your state sales tax.
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See Who Had Endorsed State Representative Jonathan Jordan for Re-Election

  • North Carolina Right to Life endorsed Jonathan based on his pro-life voting record.
  • The North Carolina Values Coalition supporting leaders who share pro-family, Biblical values, named Jonathan one of their 2014 “Champions for the Family, for his 100% pro-family voting record.
  • The American Conservative Union recognized Jonathan for the third year in a row as a “Defender of Liberty” for his 100% score in support of limited government, promoting prosperity, individual freedom, defending traditional values, and adherence to the Constitution.
  • The National Federation of Independent Businesses, the nation’s leading small-business association stated that “Representative Jordan clearly understands the challenges facing North Carolinas small, family businesses and is the clear choice in this years election.”
  • The Employees Political Action Committee, a member led subsidiary of the State Employees Association of North Carolina announced its endorsement by stating; “Representative Jordan has been a strong ally of state employees in our quest for transparency and accountability in the retirement system, favoring working families in North Carolina over Wall Street fat cats.”
  • The North Carolina Police Benevolent Association announced that it is proud to put its full support behind Jonathan by stating “A vote for Representative Jordan is a vote for the men and women of law enforcement and the citizens they serve.”
  • Other endorsements include North Carolina Voters for Animal Welfare, the, National Rifle Association, Grassroots North Carolina, and MADD, (Mothers Against Drunk Drivers who chose Jonathan as their 2013 Legislative Champion.)
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NRA Endorses, Gives A to Rep. Jonathan Jordan

NRA 2014 Rating and Endorsement nra

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Employees Political Action Committee Endorses Rep. Jonathan Jordan

seancI am pleased and proud that the State Employee’s Association of North Carolina has endorsed me for reelection.

“Rep. Jordan has been a strong ally of state employees in our quest for transparency and accountability in the retirement system, favoring working families in North Carolina over Wall Street fat cats,” SEANC President and Statewide EMPAC Committee Chairman Wayne Fish said.

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